The Radovanović’s law office provides legal consulting in the field of corporate law, which involves consulting from the planning stage and deciding on the investment, preparation and composition of the necessary documents related to the establishment of companies, representative offices and branches of foreign companies, following the procedure for their registration. The law office provides expertise in the acquisition, privatization, purchase and sale of companies’ shares, advising on negotiating and concluding a joint venture agreement, or a complete consultancy relating to status changes of companies. Also, the office provides the services of a comprehensive analysis of the company that is the subject of a particular transaction, the implementation of which is of great importance for the company because it is a security process that avoids the possibility of deliberate or unintentional false information from the investor.

The due diligence of a lawyer consists of establishing and analyzing existing documentation which includes the examination of data such as corporate target company data, data from the field of labor law (number of employees, type of concluded contracts, number of disputes in progress and outcome appraisal conflicts), intellectual property rights, data on property rights on movable and immovable property, contractual obligations and possible risks that may arise from the same, eventual disputes of the company and other relevant data.

The focus is on fully understanding the intent and needs of the client, which will enable the provision of adequate, precise and above all the right advice.

The areas in which the office provides legal services are:

  • Establishment of companies (limited liability company, joint-stock company, limited partnership, representative offices and branches of foreign legal entities)
  • Privatization
  • Transferring a share
  • Joint ventures
  • Status changes
  • Preparation of legal due diligence