Radovanovic’s law office provides a full range of legal assistance in the area of ​​labor law, which includes the drafting of a labor contract, contracts on the rights and obligations of directors (managerial agreements), rules of procedure and other general acts, representation in the procedures for concluding and applying collective agreements, advising and representing in the procedures for resolving surplus of employees, exercising employment rights related to the payment of salaries, contributions, severance pay and other rights arising from employment, representation in disputes concerning the grounds for termination of employment contracts, or in disputes related to compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damage because of injuries at work.

Legal counseling and representation in proceedings related to the prevention of abuse at work – mobbing.

The areas in which the office provides legal services are:

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Preparation of managerial contracts 
  • Representation in court in case of disputed situations
  • Preparation of the Employment Rulebook, Rulebook of systematization and organization of the working places
  • Preparation of Collective agreements
  • Preparation of corporate procedures