One or more domestic or foreign, natural or legal persons may establish a limited liability company, whereby shareholders do not meet the obligations of the company, except to the amount of the share entered.

The minimum charter capital of a limited liability company (DOO or D.O.O.) according to the law is 100.00 dinars. If the founder is one or more natural person, it is necessary to prepare the following for registration:

  • the founding act on which the founders’ signatures must be certified; – proof of identity (copy of identity card or passport for foreigners);
  • OP form – certified signature of person authorized to represent (director);
  • a certificate of payment of the initial capital issued by the bank where the payment was made;
  • pay the APR fee

In the case when the founder is a legal person, it is necessary to provide proof of the founder an excerpt from the competent register (if it is registered with the register of a foreign state, it is necessary to check whether such an act is subject to the legalization of acts (delivery of Apostille certificate), after which translate the entire document into Serbian by an authorized court interpreter.

In the event that the founder of a legal entity is another legal entity, the procedure for obtaining an extract from the competent registry must be repeated until the last natural person in the ownership structure arrives.