An employment contract may be concluded for a limited period of time, the duration of which is determined in advance by objective reasons justified by the time-limit or the execution of a particular transaction or the occurrence of a particular event during the duration of those needs.

An employer may conclude one or more employment contracts on the basis of which the employment relationship with the same employee is based on a period which can not be longer than 24 months with interruptions or no interruptions, and the interruption shorter than 30 days is not considered as termination of employment.

In addition, a fixed-term contract may be concluded:

  • if this is necessary due to the replacement of a temporarily absent employee until his return; 
  • to work on a project whose time is pre-determined, the longest until the end of the project;
  • with a foreign citizen, based on a license for work in accordance with the law, until the expiration of the period for which the license was issued;
  • to work in a newly established employer whose entry in the registry with the competent authority at the time of the conclusion of the employment contract is not more than one year old, for a total duration not exceeding 36 months;
  • with an unemployed person, until the fulfillment of one of the conditions for exercising the right to old age pension is missing up to five years, the longest until the fulfillment of conditions, in accordance with the regulations on pension and disability insurance.

In the event that a fixed-term employment contract is concluded contrary to the provisions of the Labor Law or if the employee remains at work with the employer at least five working days after the expiration of the time for which the contract is concluded, it is considered that the employment relationship is based on an indefinite period of time.